Are you taking the MCAT 2015?

Don’t miss this important update on dates and score reporting

Testing Year 2015: Registration will open for the MCAT 2015 exam in mid-February and the first test will be administered on April 17.  There will be 14 test dates scheduled from April to September and all will begin at 8:00 am local time. There is no March administration, and January 2016 exams will be included in the 2016 testing season. But fewer dates do not mean fewer seats!  Most of the dates fall on Fridays and Saturdays, which is a preference for examinees.

Score Reporting: For the April and May administrations, scores for the new exam will be reported to examinees later than the typical 30-35 days.  The additional time is needed to verify and conduct analyses required to establish the new score scales and to make the necessary adjustments.  Scores from the April and May exams will be reported prior to the first AMCAS 2016 application release.

April and May examinees will also receive preliminary percentile rank ranges for their section and overall scores 2-3 weeks after their administration date. This is to help examinees make decisions about retesting and applying. Scores will resume a 30-35 day release schedule for June through September administrations.

April Examinees: Early examinees in April will be offered a financial incentive to take the exam.  They will receive a $150 gift card, and recipients of the Fee Assistance Program will receive a $60 gift card.