Need to Spend This Summer Saving Money and Working at Home?

Need to spend this summer saving money and working at home? Don’t worry – even if the experience isn’t directly related to medicine, it is still a valuable opportunity to gain transferable skills.

A med student blogs about how working in a restaurant prepared her for practicing medicine. She writes:

As I stood in front of the patient room and prepared to knock, I told myself, “This is it, it’s really happening! All of my hard work over the years was to get to this moment.” Yet, I had a sense that I had done this before. I know now that what had really prepared me most for that moment had not taken place in medical school or even college, but back in my hometown, in Maine.

In my family, there was always an expectation that you had to work. This meant that while my fellow classmates spent their summers during college working in high powered research labs or traveling the globe on service projects, I spent my five summers working as a server at a restaurant on the coast of Maine and taking classes at the local branch of our state university.

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Ever Wonder What It’s Like to Be a Medical Scribe?

Check out this Aspiring Docs Diaries blog written by a premed student about her experience scribing in an emergency department and the lessons she learned. She writes:

Becoming a medical scribe for an Emergency Physician has taught me more about medicine, about passion, and most importantly about the patient, than ever before… I had heard that becoming a medical scribe allows you to accumulate clinical experience, gain exposure that helps with medical school interviews, and write a stronger personal statement. This has rung true as many of my coworkers have left to matriculate to medical school, and credit, in part, their experiences as a medical scribe for their acceptance.

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For opportunities to become a scribe yourself, check out GVSU Scribe Academy  or Scribe America.

PhD/Postdoc Blog Series

Interested in pursuing a PhD?

Check out this PhD/Postdoc Blog series sponsored by  Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST)  through the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

This blog will feature scientists at different stages of career development as they explore and plan for their next steps!

Over the course of six months, Yeonwoo Lebovitz, Anthony Franchini, Megan Duffy, and Celia Fernandez will give monthly updates on their progress.

New posts will be posted every Wednesday.