Anesthesiologist Assistant Program at CWRU

Attention Seniors:

If you are looking for a clinical master’s program with promising job prospects, you may be interested in Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) Master of Science in Anesthesia Program. This is a 2-year program, which lasts 24 months and begins at the end of May.

They have also extended their application process for prospective students and are now accepting applications through November 1 for the incoming class of summer 2017.

To apply, students must meet the following criteria by the time they graduate:

  • a Bachelor’s degree by the end of the upcoming Winter semester 2017
  • completed 10 prerequisite courses with grades of a B- or higher
  • an MCAT score of 493 or better (20 or above on the previous exam)
  • GPA of 3.1 or above (to be competitive)

Certified anesthesiologist assistants work in the operating room 40 hours a week proving hands-on care to patients. They maintain a good work/life balance with a relatively high starting salary. And, the majority of their students find employment before they graduate.

Want to find out more? Visit their FAQ page or contact CWRU directly.


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