Post-Bacc Programs Fact Sheet

How much do you know about Post-Bacc Programs?

Did you know there are several different kinds designed to assist:

  1. Students wishing to change careers and have not yet completed the courses required for medical or dental school
  2. Students wishing to enhance their academic record, as they have taken the requisite courses, but need to improve their GPA to be competitive
  3. Students from underrepresented groups in medicine or from educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds

Some programs may even provide a second degree, certificate or Master’s degree, while others offer direct acceptance into an associated medical school if requirements are met.

To learn more, check out our Post-Bacc Fact Sheet.

Not only does it discuss general admissions requirements, but it offers an initial list of Post-Bacc Programs to help you with your search & direct you to other resources.


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