Medical & Health Humanities Certificate

GVSU has a newly-approved certificate in Medical & Health Humanities! We suggest each of you consider incorporating it into your coursework.

Medical and Health Humanities is a multidisciplinary investigation of medical and health related topics. This certificate program allows students pursuing careers in health or health-related majors, pre-medicine, nursing, athletic training, child life, and social work to broaden their understanding of medicine and health by incorporating the diverse perspectives of a variety of disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences. Completion of courses in the student’s plan of study will result in award of the certificate in Medical and Health Humanities. This shall be noted on the student’s official university transcript. Students must apply for an audit for a non-teaching certificate upon completion. Visit this link for the certificate request form:

Visit this link to see the courses required:

We will also be noting if a student is “on the right track” to achieve this certificate as part of our committee letters to professional schools.  As you are planning for 2015-16 registration, take a look at this VERY interesting and appropriate certificate!


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